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It's contest time! By aqua spirit 22

Deadline; 15th February 2014

(Date was set on 11th November 2013)
Some people already asked me;
You don't need to be invited to enter! I'm just randomly inviting some people, but anyone can enter! C; I don't mind the style you use and such, everyone can enter!

Important edit! ; I will be doing a more in-depth profile for my OCs, I will be adding them as soon as I finish them. These will be almost full sheets of information, being "short profiles" the old ones that are ATM as references


Chyal yantingmeow Vyndicare People that is helping! Thanks so much <3

I guess that, first of all, I should tempt you with some nice prizes!


1st prize;

-7500 points
-Up to 400 points worth of my art*
-Llama and watch from me
-Headshot sketch by Chyal
-Llama by yantingmeow
-Semi realism fullbody for fan art or OC by Vyndicare

2nd prize;

-3500 points
-Up to 250 points worth of my art*
-Llama and watch from me
-Headshot sketch by Chyal
-Llama by yantingmeow
-Semi realism head or half body for fan art or OC by Vyndicare

3rd prize;

-1500 points
-Up to 150 points worth of my art*
-Llama and watch from me
-Headshot sketch by Chyal
-Llama by yantingmeow
-Semi realism head for fanart by Vyndicare

Runner-ups (2, picked by other judges, not me)
-100 points
-Up to 40 points worth of my art*
-Watch from me
-Llama by yantingmeow
-Digital drawing by yantingmeow

*You may pick from the available art commissions I will have by the date the contest ends

There will also be some prizes that will be raffled among all the participants;
-20 points x3
-10 points x4
-4 sketches from me
-3 shaded headshots from me
-1 shaded halfbody or 1 fullbody clean lineart (can be colored or black lineart)

This means that there will also be 15 participants more that will get a little prize!

I will accept donors!

Information for donors;
-Anyone can be a donor and can donate anything! Watches, llamas, points, literature, features, art...
-Donors have to send me a note with what they want to donate and for which prize (1st, 2nd, 3rd, the ones raffled among participants or runner ups, like 4th/5th place)
-Donors will be featured on this journal or somewhere in my own page. Also, there will be a couple art things raffled among all the donors as a little thank you!
-The more donations, the better prizes, remember!

Prizes may change at any time but the three first prizes won't go lower than the set prizes. The more participants I get, the biggest option to have better prizes! 

Advertise the contest?

-Anyone can help me advertising in their journal, polls, groups etc. You can get some points!
-Anyone who advertises must send me a note showing me where they have advertised this contest. There will be two small prizes, just for advertising! Advertising is free and it actually doesn't take you much effort or time!

For people who advertise in journal/polls/their own page; 40 points will be raffled!
For people who advertise in groups; 80 points will be raffled!

Profile advertising;
-None ATM-

Group advertising (the more groups the better chances!);
-None ATM-


Rules are important!

-Try to follow their profiles/refs. The most accurate, the better

-Important rule; if the judges and I decide that a prize must be left without any winner, it will be like that. I personally think all the prizes will be filled, but if there aren't enough entries or we consider that none of the entries "deserve" a prize, it will be empty. 

-You can enter as many drawings as you want, however you can only win one prize

-You may enter with any kind of art. Traditional pencil, colored pencil, watercolour, oil, digital art...Cute, anime, cartoon, semi-realistic, realistic, your own style...Chibi, headshot, bust up, halfbody, knee up, fullbody. Almost anything. I like colourful art, and fullbodies over chibis. This doesn't not mean you can't enter these. A detailed cute chibi is better than a simple quick done fullbody. Any kind of art can win c:

-There will be at least 5 judges and me. Some judges will give opinions about the art itself, while others may have read parts of my story, so they will understand my OCs better.

-The points will be given by Alpharos7. Which means once the contest is over and the winners are picked, he will send you your prizes. Please be patient as he is a little busy man sometimes.

-I will need some time to complete the art for the prizes, please don't rush, specially if I state in a journal that I have exams by that time.

-Deadline will be, for now, 15th February. That is almost 3 months to work. Extensions may be added if I don't get enough entries, some people ask me for it, I think there wasn't enough time, or I see people with WIPs that plan to enter.

-Any more rules may be added if needed

All entries will be in a special folder in my favourites ~> link TBA


Now, what to draw?

This art contest is because I would like to get some pretty art of my OCs from one of my stories. I have more references for some OCs than for others, but I have ready their profiles with all the info I can give about them. If you have any question about them, ask me! (I don't bite) If it's something important I will add it to their profiles. Visual references are included in the description of each profile!

Q: What is that experiment thing before anything?

A: The "experiment" was exactly that, a huge experiment done when most of the characters where young. That experiment included different things, but the main purpose was finding new problems and ways to solve them, plus investigating about human body and its reactions, but in a pretty much unhuman and brutal way. The characters below weren't the only ones (but they are the important ones), as it included lots of children from all over the country. The experiments were like (but not limited to) the ones of the main OCs; fire or psyquich control, healing, different elements control (ice, electricity, earth...), natural reactions of the body against vital fails (fail sense of smell/touch/hearing/sight, or vital organs), reactions if different genes collide (animal and plant genes), and much more.

Want to meet my OCs? There they go~

Specific notes; She'd be nearly 30 if you draw Ashley being 7-8 years old, but the laboratory action part happened when she was about 20, almost right before she had her daughter.

Kai (Alexander);
Specific notes; Exactly the same as Abby.

Specific notes; In the laboratory incident she would be about 19 years old.

Short Profile info;…
Specific notes; Her first appearance is in the laboratory, where she is 16.

Short Profile info;…
Specific notes; Same as Victoria, he was 16 on the first time he met the others.

Short Profile info;…
Specific notes; First appearance -> 22 years old

Short Profile info;…
Specific notes; First appearance -> 24 years old. If you seriously feel like you need more information about all the mystery of his past and illness, send me a note. I'd prefer not to tell it as it's a big spoiler.

Short Profile info;…
Specific notes; You may draw her at any age under 8 years old. The clothing in the description is just orientative, you may draw her as you want! Just remember she would mostly live in Scotland, so she wouldn't really wear the blue dress a lot.

Any question/s? Ask!

You are free to draw them however you want as long as you follow their profile (relations, personality, clothing etc.). 

Buuuut, if you don't have any ideas, here are some things I would like to see;

-Any of them using their powers/"double souls"

-Some action; fights using their powers, fighting as group/s or protecting others.

-Some romantic; Abby x Kai or Helen x Jack. In this second couple, Helen is not very sure about it, and Jack either, but he is sure that he feels something for her. If you like soft yuri, Kira likes Abby but Abby doesn't, even thought she accepts Kira's feelings.

-Some more sensual (not porn/hentai or however you want to call it, just some sexy/sensual or a little provocative, but just don't cross the line); I'd only accept Abby x Kai in this

-Some paternal/maternal image of Abby and Kai together or alone with their daughter Ashley (you may draw her at any age from newborn to 7-8 years)

-If you like drawing animal-humans, Kai and Tom's powers are animal transformation (lion, sometimes white tiger, and leopard respectively). You could draw them as full animals (purple eyed lion/tiger, and light blue eyed leopard), but I'd prefer if you drew them half-animal (waist down), half-human (waist up). In this case, they would have legs and tail of the animal, more feline looking eyes, and Kai would have messy longer hair.

-Some protective looking of Tom and Victoria, who are twins, and are always trying to protect themselves.

More specific possibilities (only if you really want to try, or you don't have any ideas at all);

-Abby using fire. Basically like if she was on fire, with at least half of her body and the left half of her face covered by burns, and with a black/dark outfit nearly burnt too. Also, she is know as the "fallen/crying phoenix". Imagine a girl, suffering because all her body is almost burning, crying. And then, reborn, as a girl surrounded by flames with the shape of wings (2 or 4 wings on her back/arms) and almost other fire at the end of her hair or legs.

-Abby and Kai fighting a group of guardians (humans). She would have fire around her arms/hands and he would be half-animal, or almost animal. Both of them would have blood splatters and scars (from bullets/knives)

-Kira surrounded by fire with Abby trying to reach her, basically they are in a room on fire, and as Abby isn't hurt by fire, she's trying to keep Kira safe.

-Kira taking care of Victoria, or of Vic and Tom. This scene would be when Kira meets them for first time in a pretty cold, small and dark room. She doesn't really know them, but as she saw their bad conditions, she decided to take care of them (she carries a bag with some medical stuff always)

-Victoria with scratches all over her body, with a few blood, crying next to Tom, half-animal, who is lying on the floor, fainted.

-Jack looking sadly at Helen, with her white bandages on one hand, and with the other touching her face. Helen should also look sad/scared/shy, because she didn't want Jack (or anyone) to see her problem (not having eyes).

-Kai hugging his young siblings, Vic and Tom, very sad, as he remembered things that happened in the past, and that he had left them alone, exposed to danger.

-A group drawing, where they fight as team; Abby, Kai, Helen, Tom and Jack fighting, and Kira and Victoria healing their injuries.

-A different group picture with them; Abby at the front, with Kai and his siblings at one side, Kira, Helen and Jack at the other side. Imagine them as a group that is rebelling against a huge organization that mainly changed their life. They should, somehow, show their powers.

-Family drawing; either Abby, Kai and Ashley, or all of them (including Ashley)

-Any more ideas TBA

If something is missing, let me know!

To enter just comment with a link of the entry or send me a note. You have to submit it to your deviantART though, even if you upload it to scrapbook, so I can at least fav it and add it to the folder of the entries.

Now, good luck everyone!


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